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Managed WordPress Hosting

Our managed hosting recipe simplifies your entire experience, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Starting at $29.99/monthly


Hosting Made Simple, Fast and Convenient

Whether you need a custom enterprise solution or you just need managed WordPress hosting to get started, we have a plan that's right for you.
All plans include Free Migration, Free Global CDN and Unlimited Monthly Visits.
Additional SSD storage at $0.30 per GB.
Additional Bandwidth at $0.10 per GB.

Plan SSD Storage Bandwidth Global CDN Auto Backup Frequency Price Launch Now
WP Basic 10GB 50GB Basic Weekly $20/month Launch Now
WP Pro 20GB 100GB Basic Weekly $50/month Launch Now
WP Business 1 30GB 200GB Basic Daily $100/month Launch Now
WP Business 2 40GB 300GB Basic Daily $200/month Launch Now
WP Business 3 50GB 500GB Basic Daily $400/month Launch Now
WP SME 1 100GB 1TB Pro Every 12 Hours $600/month Launch Now
WP SME 2 150GB 1TB Pro Every 6 Hours $900/month Launch Now
WP SME 3 200GB 2TB Pro Every 6 Hours $1200/month Launch Now
WP Enterprise 1 250GB 2TB Business Every 3 Hours $1500/month Launch Now
WP Enterprise 2 400GB 4TB Business Every 3 Hours $2500/month Launch Now
WP Enterprise 3 600GB 6TB Business Every 3 Hours $4500/month Launch Now

Transfer your website to Kroud

We’ll move your first website to Kroud from any web host for FREE (without breaking your live site hosted on the old host), so you don’t have to worry about migration complexities & technicalities.

Reliable and Future-proof

Never let performance hold you back. Kroud servers are always running, monitored, and scaling on-demand.

Transparent Pricing

Pricing plans that work for everyone. No hidden fees or charges. No bill-shock.

Free CDN and SSL Certificate

We’ve partnered up with Cloudflare, a real-time HTTP/2 and IPv6 powered CDN, to speed up delivery of your assets (images, JS, CSS) around the globe!

Free Enterprise-Grade SMTP

Send automated-emails with confidence. We partner with Sendgrid, the leading provider of cloud email to deliver enterprise-grade SMTP service to our customers.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Servers

Let our Cloud Experts take care of the technicalities. You’re free to focus on growing your business, let us handle your site.

Enhanced Security

We perform regular OS patches on your server. This ensures a secure managed cloud server and avoids vulnerabilities.

Premium Support

Support is our number one priority. Pro-active WordPress experts at your service.

Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers

You don’t have to worry about your website crashing. Most of the issues within the server are resolved with auto-healing restarts.

Because you deserve so much more

Power up your business with these add-ons

Premium CDN

Ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery. Enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF) with image and mobile optimization.

China CDN

Through our strategic partners in China, we are able to offer a fast, secure, and reliable experience for visitors inside and outside of China.


Our multi-CDN can predict which CDN performs the best in any location and make the switch to the best route for you.

Advanced DDoS Protection

Protect your Internet properties with a cloud-based, always-on DDoS protection, powered by the intelligence harnessed from Cloudflare’s global network.

Load Balancing

Improve application performance and availability by steering traffic away from unhealthy origin servers and dynamically distributing it to the most available and responsive server pools.

Enterprise Hosting

Working with large volume sites is our specialty. We serve billions of pageviews and bytes every month with absolute stability and uptime. We can handle anything you throw at us.

Need help? Contact our Cloud Experts Team

Free 24/7/365 access to receive support any operation on Kroud. Every request is attended to by a trained Cloud Expert Team member.

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